詹姆斯河艺术 & Cultural District was established by Lynchburg City Council in City Code in 2011. The program includes business incentives and an annual appropriation of amusement tax generated in the District granted by the Office of Economic Development & Tourism through an application process to support programs, events and projects. 

请与莫里萨·内纳多维奇联系 mauresa.nenadovich@lynchburgva.gov with questions. 

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该地区在地理上包括中央商务区, Fifth Street from Jefferson Street to Taylor Street to include the Old City Cemetery, Legacy Museum and Madison House for the Arts; Rivermont Avenue from 5th Street to Bedford Avenue; the Pierce Street Renaissance Historic District; and properties that include Point of Honor.

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How can I apply?




Program Guidelines

艺术指引 & 文化区计划旨在吸引市民, organizations and consortiums that wish to create and execute projects within the Arts & 文化区以造福林奇堡市民的福利. 术语“项目”可能包括事件, activities, 资本投资, promotions, improvements, displays or like pursuits that serve to further arts and culture in the District. 指引包括但不限于:


  • 项目拨款只适用于与艺术及文化有关的项目;
  • 项目必须显示出估计的经济影响, if the project is of a Public Art nature please show estimated public access and make a case for the artwork in the location chosen;
  • 项目必须具有公共和文化效益; 
  • 申请人必须表现出对艺术的熟悉 & cultural organizations, artists, and/or other relevant constituencies within the District;
  • Applicants must demonstrate collaboration with organizations and individuals with a priority towards collaborations with constituencies within the District;
  • 获得匹配资金的项目将被优先考虑; 
  • Project funds can only be used for the specific project or event applied for, 不能用于组织的日常运营费用;
  • 项目必须在艺术范围内进行 & 文化区-见上面的地区地图.
  • Projects that have been funded by the grant program for more than 3 years are not eligible to apply for funding again without significant program innovation or change; 
  • 尚未获得其他形式的城市支持的项目, 包括市政府赞助, 将被优先考虑.
  • Certain projects that utilize public space or City streets require permitting from the City of Lynchburg; it is the responsibility of grant applicants to determine these requirements. 如欲赌博十大平台排行有关特别活动许可证的资料,请浏览 http://www.lynchburgvirginia.org/special-events/.

  • 申请人应详阅 詹姆斯河艺术与文化远景规划 由艺术发展 & culture non-profit organizations within the district before submitting an application.


All required documentation will be submitted through the online application. 请准备好提交以下所需文件: 

  • Submit signed W-9
  • Complete an estimated economic impact report (upload JPEG/PNG to online application) when prompted 
  • 项目预算工作表 
  • 如获批准,申请人须签署并填写一份 支付协议
  • 在事件发生之后, the awardee must complete and submit a Final Report 90 days after the project completion date. 经济发展办公室 & 旅游部将向获奖申请人发送最终报告表. 


任何林奇堡的公民, 城市范围内的非营利组织, 或市里的任何组织联合体都有资格申请. Though an applicant is not required to be a citizen of Lynchburg or be located within City limits, 这些申请人将被优先考虑. Funds cannot be used for projects for which a single entity or individual profits directly; this is not applicable to projects in which proceeds are donated or there is no intent for profit generation.


Funds are only for projects within the geographic boundaries of the Arts & 文化区(见上图地图). Funds can be used to leverage other funding sources for the specific project, but are solely intended to cover expenses directly related to the project for which the applicant requested funding. Funds may not be used to cover the routine operating expenses of an organization, or for expenses incidental to a project or event such as personnel expenses, dues, planning expenses, etc.


  • 所有项目必须在2024年12月31日前开工. 
  • Be current on any and all City of Lynchburg taxes prior to grant disbursement
  • 拨款只适用于与艺术及文化有关的项目

Applications are reviewed by an appointed panel comprised of District stakeholders and other business and community leaders. Program recipients will be selected based on the merits of their project, 项目指南, 与 James River Arts & 文化区远景规划, 并彻底完成申请. 林奇堡市经济发展办公室 & 旅游业将利用审查委员会的建议, but in all cases will retain sole discretion for the grant amounts awarded.


  • TBD -詹姆斯河艺术的非营利性成员 & Culture District 
  • 特雷西·朗塞斯,Riverviews艺术空间 
  • 乌苏拉·布莱恩,林奇堡大学艺术系 
  • 克里斯蒂娜·戴维斯,艺术家
  • 我是总经理丹尼斯·马西尼克 
  • 待定-普通会员 



最高奖金为 $10,000. Multiple organizations or individuals may apply separately for funding for the same project. The amount awarded will be based on the criteria described in 项目指南, 包括但不限于项目范围, 最大的公共利益, 最大的经济影响, collaboration, 以及项目资金总额的百分比.  


Recipients of funds will be required to sign a Program 支付协议 that may include an audit of awarded expenditures. Recipients will be required to acknowledge the City of Lynchburg and the James River Arts & 文化区的所有宣传材料. All applicants must provide a final report specific to the funded project. All final reports must be completed and returned to the Lynchburg Office of Economic Development & 旅游不迟于项目完成后45天. Additional information is provided in the Notice of Award and Program 支付协议. 所有项目必须在12月31日前开始, 2024, 并在授予通知之日起12个月内完成.

Amusement Tax

Every business or organization that charges admission to an activity or event shall impose a 7% tax on the total amount charged for admission. The fees for admission taxes imposed by the city code and collected by qualified arts organizations in the Arts & 文化区通过艺术重新分配 & 文化区计划 to promote and market the district and to improve aesthetic or infrastructure. 才有资格获得项目资金, organizations should contact the Commissioner of the Revenue’s office to determine if they are required to pay the City’s amusement tax and to obtain the necessary remittal forms which are due on or before the 20th of the following month. Learn more at http://www.lynchburgva.gov/amusement-tax.





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